Sunday, January 23, 2011

"No one can hurt YOU unless you allow THEM to do so"

"No one can hurt YOU unless you allow THEM to do so"

Because so many want different things, and you may not like what I have to say, Facebook has made allowances. If you would like to change your settings regarding notifications, likes, comments, unfriend, or block me, etc. it is within YOUR sole power to do so. Go to Account in the upper right of your page, click on and follow the menus there.

Blogger and YouTube has done similar. I welcome feedback, just keep it clean please.

To my son, I am writing a response to your recent message, but have other pressing matters also. Today I am involved to scattering the ashes of a dear friend and involved in counseling seekers whose lives are in turmoil. I never know how the advice I give will be received, but I seek, in prayer and depend on the Holy Spirit for the results.

I like a comment I once heard about that.
"If in sharing something to people, someone complains, you just hit them with that."

" Please remember, "No one can hurt YOU unless you allow THEM to do so"

Love, Chris

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Judge Judy - Stop False Accusations

Judge Judy
Stop False Accusations

Chris J. Slater
After my two Filipina ex's, their family and friends (they used me to get to Canada) took my children, wealth and health with fraud, false pretenses, false allegations, death threats, wrongful conviction and perjury, I was forced to become INDIGENT litigant. I highly recommend it to EVERYONE before you loose everything (including your life!) like I almost did. This is for BC, YOU HAVE the SAME rights in you country!
and the Application is at:

You have a RIGHT to complain! But you don't necessarily get JUSTICE!

In British Columbia, Canada I went to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police who refused to investigate my CRIMINAL complaints, they told me to go to the Courthouse and swear a PRIVATE INFORMATION which was heard in closed session by the Justice of the Peace and DISMISSED.

I had five complaints against the RCMP before the Commissioner for Public Complaints against the RCMP. I have been arrested 5 times on their lies and I maintain I am suffering from PTSD as a result of what they have done to me and OUR children...

I've finally located my children and do the best I can to expose them to the TRUTH of what happened. Tina recently asked me: "Dad do you think we are blind or naive? We see what is happening." And for the record, I believe God does too. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER give up!
05 November 2010 at 15:18 · · 3 people

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Right to Life for All

I believe children are a gift from God. 

It takes a man, a woman and God to physically make a child.

If the man, the woman or both simply wanted the momentary, passing pleasure of fornication without responsibility, never intended or don't want to live together now and parent the child they conceived to adulthood, why should that child be deprived of its life?  Or primary relationships?

There are many who truly desire a child to parent to responsible adulthood. Why should anyone lose out on a relationship with this child? God gives us a choice as to whether we want a relationship with Him, why do we as humans want to deny another the same right? It is wrong to deny the child so conceived a life not knowing mother, father or God for our own personal, selfish reasons. 

Without the Ten Commandments (does anyone know them anymore?) to guide us, we are truly a lost people as are our future generations. In the USA, terrorists have killed 3,000 since 1990, but since yesterday over 4,000 people lost their lives to the abortionist. 

I have lost a child to abortion, was told about it by the mother and her husband 6 months after the fact. I have been denied a relationship by two ex-wives to our three children I fathered with them, purely for their own selfishness, foolish reasons and religions. 

The current gender biased, court based system of custody - access needs to be replaced by a presumption of shared parenting that respects all parties

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Jesus or religion?

LF Hello r u there?

LF i am

CS Whatzzup?

LF How did U end up building a p------- page?

CS I didn't, if you scroll down to the beginning it was started for those in the 70's and 80's. Did you know my sisters, Penny or Linda S?

LF No, but wonder where the others are.

CS P-------- was started by Shonagh M If you build it, they will come...
23 July 2007 at 09:01 ·

CS P------- "Palma Non Sine Pulvere - No Reward Without Effort"

LF Huh?

LF Again, huh, please explain
Without the WWW stuff...

CS Click on the link, it'll take you to the website. - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

LF I must say goodnight. Thanks for all your work!!! L

CS Goodnight. u welcome.

LF k - Are you still online?

CS Yes

LF why do u want to connect with all the p-view folks?
Like who cares?

CS I'm interested in my history and also hoping to reconnect with old friends and yes, I care what became of them.

LF OK good

CS I guess many don't care, as for me, I have been a seeker all my life, but I didn't understand the purpose of life until 1995.

LF So what happened in 1995?

CS I was contemplating suicide, all my travel, money and relationships felt like a total waste of time.

LF Suicide is never the answer

CS Why?

LF It is a very selfish answer to what people think is the right thing to do.

CS To a person who has lost hope, it is another way of "self-medicating". Some commit suicide on the installment plan; alcohol, drugs, food, sex, anything so they don't have to think about their purpose. Obviously I didn't do it although there are number of psychopaths in my history who wouldn't be bothered by my taking that way out.

LF Please don't ever consider suicide as an answer for anything!!! I will formulate an answer to you... pay attention...

CS Is your answer from personal experience? Or what you've been told to believe? The worst abuse I've experienced is from wolves in sheep's clothing - Deceivers, religious demons.

LF I've been trained.. I have a masters degree in Counselling. OK plus personal experience .
OK 've come along on-line...never want to place myself as any expert for your life. Live yourself.

CS Do you now have a personal, direct relationship with God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit? My current wife has 2 degrees, a bachelor and master from UP and is in the fourth year of her psych degree at Vancouver Island University. We are together today because we are both believers.

LF Sorry, still there? I am a believer.
LF is offline.23:26

CS In what? Religion or Jesus? How do you relate your worldly training to your spiritual beliefs? (Send as a message)
Your chat message wasn't sent because LF is offline.

CS For the record, I'm a non-denominational follower of Jesus Christ, pursuing the Great Commission.  (Send as a message) Your chat message wasn't sent because  LF is offline.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

November 4, 1999


FROM: DEB KELLER - Court Clerk / Duncan Registry


Mr. Slater's psychological assessment regarding his criminal trial is now in this family file as per your instructions. 

Mr. Allan, counsel for Helen Slater has inquired if he can have access to the assessment. 

Please advise if the registry can forward a copy to him. If not, he will make an application to the court, but he would prefer not to. Thank you. 


This document Obtained by Chris J. Slater during search of the courthouse file on 20101213. 

 To Chris J. Slater of Nanaimo this is a matter of  an Invasion of Privacy by Judge Judith Kay of Duncan, B.C., Canada; Donald Allan of Duncan, B.C., Canada, counsel for Helen Octaviano Smith, now of Bremerton WA and Master John Horn of Nanaimo, BC, Canada did, with the intent to defraud and take away the parenting of his two children, Christopher Joseleno Slater and Christina Rivera Slater. They did so as to circumvent  the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act [RSBC 1996] CHAPTER 165

Judge Judith Kay, was the Judge in Family Court, Duncan, BC, Canada in the matter of custody of the child, Sarah Joy Slater. She instructed Deb Keller, Court Clerk, to go into another file in a Provincial Court of B.C. Criminal Matter wherein Helen Slater, wife of the accused alleged "Spousal Assault" and so obtain Mr. Slater's psychological assessment, which was obtained in a Criminal trial before Judge Keith Bracken of the Provincial Court of Duncan B.C during June and July 1998. (Transcript of trial on File)

Chris J. Slater was, in his opinion, wrongfully convicted based solely on Helen Slater's perjury to obtain a conviction and so obtain sole custody of the child of the marriage, Sarah Joy Slater, there being no other witnesses or medical reports. 

When found guilty by Judge Keith Bracken, Mr. Slater continued to protest his innocence. Judge Bracken then asked him if he would like "Psychological assistance to help you deal with my conviction". 

Mr. Slater agreed and so went to Victoria to speak with Dr. S. Lohrasbe of the Adult Forensic Psychiatric Out Patient Services ("Forensics"). Mr. Slater thought Dr. Lohrasbe would help him adjust to what he felt was a wrongful conviction. In fact, this was a pre-sentencing report ordered by Judge Keith Bracken. 

Dr. Lohrasbe, in the opinion of Mr. Slater sought to confirm and verify Judge Bracken's conviction decision. Donald Allan, a lawyer in Duncan, obtained this assessment and gave a copy to his Family Court client, Helen Slater who sought custody of Sarah Joy Slater.

Mr. Slater was convicted of assaulting Helen Slater by Judge Bracken of PCBC Criminal Court. Helen thus gained "sole custody" of Sarah Joy Slater.

Later at the Nanaimo courthouse, when Mr. Slater was making his case for his right to access his children in Nanaimo, Christopher and Christina Slater, during a break, Helen Slater was seen to give Bill Lea (Stepfather) a brown manila envelope. They saw Mr. Slater standing in the window and shared the most evil grin to him. Mr. Slater wondered what was in the envelope, but  was soon found out.

Bill Lea from the beginning of his relationship with Maria Slater, unwilling to accept  parenting of the children, Chris and Tina by Mr. Slater. First he knew of Maria's new relationship was when he arrived at her apartment on Barron's Road, Nanaimo for a scheduled access, there was no answer on the front door intercom. Mr. Slater walked  around to the ground level suite at the back of the building, and the suite was VACANT! 

 Mr. Slater had what he considered a fair and reasonable Supreme Court of BC order from Justice Ross Lander (Mr. Justice C. Ross Lander 1982 - 2007), which Bill would not accept. He began to use his lawyer, Glenn Sinclair and others to frustrate that order. When Mr. Slater next appeared in the Nanaimo Courthouse, it was in response to an affidavit sworn by Maria Lea before Glenn Sinclair. Mr. Slater received a copy of it at his home a few days before the hearing. 

On the way to the Courtroom, Mr. Slater shared the elevator with Mr. Sinclair and  advised him that his Privacy had been invaded, that they were in violation of the Privacy Act of B.C. Mr. Sinclair's response? We'll see.

The hearing was held before Master John Horn, and at the first mention of the Psychiatric Assessment, Mr. Slater objected. Master Horn said, "Yes, Yes Mr. Slater, Objection noted, now what do you have to say about this Assessment?" Master Horn then proceeded to take away guardianship of our children and my access, based upon this flawed Assessment. 

Mr. Slater has another Psychiatric  reports from Dr. Molyneaux of Nanaimo that gives him a clean bill of health. Dr Robin Richard Newmarch Molineux -- psychiatrist Specialty: Psychiatry - medical field specializing in the prevention, assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of the mind and mental illness. Telephone: 250-753-2311 Address: 24-1515 Dufferin Cres, Nanaimo BC V9S 2B8, Canada

This courthouse memo was one of many used by Helen Venus Slater (now Smith of Bremerton,Washington), Bill Lea (D.O.B. August 20, 1947 - deceased, formerly of Nanaimo) and Maria Slater, Lea (now living in an undisclosed common-law marriage with John Goobie somewhere in Comox, BC), their Legal and Courthouse friends and associates to deprive Mr. Slater of a relationship and parenting of Chris, Tina and Sarah Slater.

DOCUMENTARY PROOF of Helen Octaviano's False Witness, Perjury, Fraud, Hostile Aggressive Parenting (HAP), Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS), Contempt of BC Provincial and Supreme Courts, KIDNAP and ABDUCTION from Canada to Bremerton, Washington, USA of our daughter SARAH JOY SLATER. Further, Brent and Helen Smith have changed her name to Sarah Joy Slater-Smith so as to register Sarah in the Bremerton School district.

FOOTNOTE: Christina Rivera Slater, at the age of 14, did on October 11, 2011 did commit suicide by hanging herself from a tree in Salish Park, Comox, B.C. so as to escape the misery of being abducted to Comox, B.C. by her abusive mother, Maria Lea.

The Truth, Life and the Way: WATER to DRINK - KISS

The Truth, Life and the Way: WATER to DRINK - KISS: "KISS - Keep it simple, s_ _ _ _ (stupid, salesman, sinner, saint, etc...) Dear Rev. George Malkmus In Response to your recent Health ..."


KISS - Keep it simple, s_ _ _ _  (stupid, salesman, sinner, saint, etc...)

Dear Rev. George Malkmus
In Response to your recent Health Tip re: Distilled Water.
I recently sent the following to my family:

Dear Ones
For a number of years, but especially now, since coming to know the Lord in 1995 and wanting to know more of His ways I've sought out the Word and Holy Spirit for daily living and inspiration. Rainwater is from God's distiller, and that is what I now seek to duplicate using my Kenmore water distiller. Love, Chris

My point? In all things, look to Him, our Creator and how He would have us live, not the thoughts and manifestations of His creations; people. In the Hydrological Cycle, before becoming so polluted by atmospheric contaminants, rainwater was ideal and was easily accessible to all, for free. Unfortunately, I now find that rainfall and precipitation is so highly polluted by pollution from manufacturing in Asia; principally China, South Korea, Taiwan and Japan that even when I distill rainwater here on the West coast of North America, it has a peculiar "smoky" odor and taste. My source of water for distilling is now groundwater from a subterranean water source, here in Cassidy, British Columbia, Canada known as the "Cassidy Aquifer".

Do not be deceived. God wants us to "Live long and prosper."
Blessings, Chris J. Slater