Saturday, April 6, 2013

He IS the Truth, Light and Way

Our sympathies go out to you. Scott Davis, with Sally Li.
Thanks Sally
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Please sign the petition on so men can again be able to provide and protect our families, beginning in BC, WE can make a difference and my daughters sacrifices won't be in vain.
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ok, will feature on Petitions to Restore the Constitution
Nice and short?, I'll have to shorten that. Can I paste this message to my Facebook now I'm finally back in?
I think I can shorten it and send a good intro. here's that shortened.
Sally, I have a problem signing your petition. Please explain: 5) Do you plan to make "life begins at conception"
the primary standard for ruling on laws pertaining to
foeticide? Correct answer: No.
Life - according to common law, begins at birth - or earliest, at "quickening".
The idea that life begins at conception is not part of English common law
and is not even in the Bible!
Thanks for communicating the objection.
Does that explanation answer your objection?
No. According to God, life begins at conception. For God so loved the world, He gave His only BEGOTTEN Son, that none should perish... Jesus became the Passover Lamb so that the angel of death must pass over.
Didn't Jesus' life begin before conception?
"In the beginning was the Word..."
Exodus 21:22 describes the Bible's position on abortion.
John 3:16 mentions birth - to "beget" is to be born.
December 25 is Jesus's conception day IN THE FLESH. His birthday, moving from the womb to the world is nine months later, September 29.
Also, I thought of another line of reasoning with relation to John 3:16.
I agree with you on the fact that the birthday of Jesus is before Dec. 25, what you say on that point is true; I am glad you raised that point.
Before, or several months afterward in the original chronology.
I don't agree with abortion either - there are plenty of things that I disagree with which I also realize should not be Constitutional issues.
One point about abortion is this: If it is legal, and if women have the right to have an abortion - then why does the state impose child support payments on men?
Mary, a mortal was "overshadowed" (impregnated) by the H.S. on December 25, born as is all flesh, on "Michael and All Saints Day" or Michaelmass. All the angels rejoiced and so should His saints today.
But raising John 3:16 as an anti-abortion caveat is not logically impermeable, and this is why:
God Himself predestined the Crucifixion.
Your faith is solid.
Mine too....
but we don't have the right to enact it into law.
I am as anti-abortion as you are.
The truth is, in the United States, abortion is a matter to be decided by the States, not the Federal Government. The Supreme Court ruled so in the late 1980s or so, when it overturned Roe v Wade.
Jesus was God in the flesh. Sally you have been so deceived by those who want to PROFIT from their religion. I follow Him because He is the Truth, the Light and the Way (to eternal life in Heaven) Would you be interested Sister to spread His Truth?
People believe that Roe v Wade still stands: it doesn't
Roe v. Wade is gone.
I have not been deceived at all.
What the Catholic Church is doing to fight abortion is quite commendable -
as long as it doesn't impose Catholic doctrine on the entire nation.
There are adoptions arranged, abortions prevented - this is very good.
But when the influence of the Church works to enact things into law which are based on the idea that a woman who is raped has no right to an abortion, that is wrong - and I saw such an instance firsthand in Pennsylvania, in the 1980s.
State Rep. Stephen Freind.
The original Companion Bible and Strong's Concordance (not "revised") is the only truth in this world. He is Truth.
A good friend of mine.
Yes, I have a Strongs right next to me.
What is at issue with the Supreme Court is that its job is to protect the Constitution, not to enact legislation from the bench.
I also think that people shouldn't walk around carrying loaded guns - however, it is the job of the Supreme Court to uphold the 2nd Amendment, which protects the right of people to do that.
Sis, you have much faster fingers than me. I need to review what you have said, FB friends?
I don't agree with the opinions of Nazis or Communists - however, the Supreme Court's job is to uphold their right to freedom of speech and press, whether I like it or not.
Good talking to you!
Lol, we ARE!! That was my problem when I got Booted from FB. I was supposed to remember my "security" info about where I lived when I was 8 and also identify pictures!
You are in Canada, right, in the west?
well my credit union has done the same thing to me YESTERDAY. This FB thing was also done for my protection...
Not intelligently done, they are protecting people into oblivion.
I live in Nanaimo, Canada and we have an Attorney General and a HUMAN RIGHTS law that I'm calling on her to enforce, to protect ALL peoples regardless of gender.
Very good!
Together WE can prevent violence against PEOPLE! are people not getting this? OUR rights are being lost to ignorance or is it apathy? Together we CAN make a difference, one person at a time.
I will be looking carefully at this.
Bless you! And please look into the Companion Bible, it has the TRUTH about His birth, life and Death. They (religious denominations) also changed God's Commandment's "Thou shalt not commit MURDER" into Thou shalt not kill...
Strong's agrees, of course.
Thank God! But if someone has a "revised" edition they're dead in the pew.
Some of the "reviseds' are all over the road.
So who you gonna call? Ghostbusters? As in the A.V. King James? Holy GHOST??!! No it is our God as the Holy SPIRIT, who filled me with spiritual gifts because I asked Him in my jail cell where I was put by the pastor of a Baptist Church! Some REAL Truth?
This is the TRUTH about His conception and birth.
Sally can I use this on my Blog?
Why not?
Thank you, such a blessing!
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