Monday, February 28, 2011

Psychiatry is Quackery!

  • Adam Gold Obviously there are "brain disorders" that are actually medical and medical problems that are obviously "brain disorders". There is no way to separate the two because everything in the brain affects the body. They cannot be treated separately. All the doctors that I have had know this.
    23 January at 00:43 ·
  • Cess Ssec Are are you a social worker? That's a ridiculous statement to make...
    23 January at 00:58 ·
  • Adam Gold No but I am wholistic.
    23 January at 01:01 ·
  • Cess Ssec
    “No claim for a gene for a psychiatric condition has stood the test of time, in spite of popular misinformation.” —Dr. Joseph Glenmullen, Harvard Medical School psychiatrist

    “….modern psychiatry has yet to convincingly prove the genetic/biol...ogical cause of any single mental illness.” —David Kaiser, psychiatrist

    “In forty years, ‘biological’ psychiatry has yet to validate a single psychiatric condition/diagnosis as an abnormality/disease, or as anything ‘neurological,’ ‘biological,’ ‘chemically-imbalanced’ or ‘genetic.’” —Dr. Fred Baughman Jr., child neurologist, Fellow of the American Academy of Neurology
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    23 January at 01:10 ·
  • Adam Gold Maybe that did not come off like I meant. I have dealt with severe depression for years and then discovered my hypothyroidism was the cause. I do take my thyroid hormone as well as Cymbalta which resulted in zero depression now but it's all connected is all I meant.
    23 January at 01:12 ·
  • Felicita Luna Adam Do you have that hypothyroid since birth or due to lack of iodine?
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  • Adam Gold
    Oh, no. I am by no means defending the "psychiatric community". I know they have many human rights abuses and I do not all agree with psychiatric disorder fraud at all, Cess. But it is not a black and white issue. I personally have not had ...any bad experiences, only helpful ones. Believe it or not, there is a good honest side to people that are trying to help the community. Labels aside for sure. No one has ever tried to tell me I have any disorder this or that. I am a previous psychology major and I study all sides of the issue.See more
    23 January at 01:26 ·
  • Adam Gold Felicita - I really am not sure. I'll have to look into it.
    23 January at 01:30 ·
  • Chris J. Slater PURE, UNADULTERATED QUAKERY! Thanks for the report! Please see How BC Provincial Court and Forensic Psychiatric Services operate in collusion with Womyns shelters and other SIGs.
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  • Mandy Z Zara a shrinks job is to find a diagnosis and medicate they are programmed to do this, and will find little boxes to put people in, also connected and sponsored by big pharmaceuticals to endorse products
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  • Cess Ssec
    What I am worried about Adam is that you will be passing
    indoctrinated misinformation taught in community colleges
    to others that might actually give credence to it.

    FACT: Psychiatric “disorders” are not medical diseases.
    FACT: Psychiatrists deal exclusively with mental “disorders,”, not proven diseases.

    FACT: Psychiatry has never established the cause of any “mental disorders.”

    FACT: The theory that mental disorders derive from a “chemical imbalance” in the brain is unproven opinion, not fact.

    FACT: The brain is not the real cause of life’s problems.
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  • Cess Ssec
    Psychiatry, is an absolute instrument of social control, it is not medical science. Here's the fraud...

    Billions spent on psychiatry are worse than wasted. One look at our schools or any of the other areas psychiatry promised to improv...e – and not only failed to improve, but actually made worse – serves as proof.

    Psychiatry’s promise that its programs would prevent mental “illness” is of interest. At the turn of the century, less than one in 1,000 people were considered mentally ill. After psychiatry secured massive funding increases in the 1960s for “preventive mental health” programs, that number jumped to one in ten. Today, psychiatrists claim that half of the population are candidates for their couches, drugs or electric shock tables.

    Herein lies the basic fraud – the concept of mental illness itself. According to author and professor of psychiatry emeritus, Thomas Szasz, M.D., mental illness itself is a myth. “A disease is a change in tissues rather than behavior,” he said. “Behavior is in the realm of morals, religion and law.”
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    23 January at 02:49 ·
  • Adam Gold No, I would never try to tell anyone what is right or wrong for their life. Don't believe in dogma, that went out of style with feminist propaganda years ago. It's not as if there is a such thing as crazy but I am certainly open-minded to any proud cases willing to admit it unlike the rest of society. :-D Better that than proclaimations of sanity.
    23 January at 03:24 ·
  • Mandy Z Zara there is a place for psychiarty, and i know some people that would eithere be dead, or have caused injury to others, just sadley anything that involes man =greed and are sometimes enslaved by their ego of self importance and power infulances choices for th good of the individual
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  • Chris J. Slater Man =Greed?? People = Greed!! Greed is not gender specific. Please be politically correct. Sadly men (biological fathers) have by and large suffered in so called Family Courts from these so-called "evaluations" I had to find out the hard way, lost my children! And then became depressed. I survived Effexor, Prozac, group therapy, analysis, etc.
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  • Mandy Z Zara i was meaning mankind, as in many litery lititure the way of writing him. and to talk of family courts i myself have suffered in family courts within the family courts its all about who represents you not the truth,
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  • Chris J. Slater Thanks Mandy for clarifying that point. Yes it happens to women too. I may be overly sensitive but have been attacked most vilely by local feminazis who do no justice to womens righteous demands. People are all suffering in Family Courts. The father, mother and the children are all losers when forced to depend on such a biased system based on Custody - Access. All one needs to do is look at the statistics around the world. When Dad gets custody it's because mom is not interested or otherwise unavailable.
  • Cess Ssec Well put, sad...
    23 January at 06:07 ·
  • Jon Jarboe Physiology was once on the right track, then they started to get paid for drugs. Now their just drug dealers. Anger and depression is not a brain problem, it's a social problem. They are reactions to an action like stealing ones child mat cause a man to set himself on fire in front of a courthouse. If a army invades do the people return fire or get high?
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  • Cess Ssec “In forty years, ‘biological’ psychiatry has yet to validate a single psychiatric condition/diagnosis as an abnormality/disease, or as anything ‘neurological,’ ‘biological,’ ‘chemically-imbalanced’ or ‘genetic.’” —Dr. Fred Baughman Jr., child neurologist, Fellow of the American Academy of Neurology
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  • Mandy Z Zara well iam no expert and only have my own personal experience with friends, who were i believe rightly diagnosed .one bi polar and the other schizophrenia and seeing over the years being off medication and on, that they lived better less traumatic for them while on med, jus the meds are not great as the side effects , who is to say what is normal, jus so sad for people who have problems manie or voices, a solution, its open to debate, as current solution not great, but in my personal experiences better then nothing
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  • Felicita Luna
    How can someone fabricate an illness, fabricate a non scientific method for discovering an illness, and then prescribe drugs for that illness. Which in the Doctors own words, not only have no curative effort on a patient, and actually have ...a detrimental effect on the person they are administered to. That is itself causes one to ask they question (as per the clip) who benefits? Well first lets see the results of mass medicating people with poison they don't need. The main two that spring to mind are:

    Scandalous profits made by the pharmaceuticals
    Innocent peoples emotions and mental faculties supressed­ ­
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  • Mandy Z Zara
    sadly the girl who is schizophrenia jumped out of a window and is in a wheelchair when stopping the med, and running from the voices, and the bio polar friend got arrested for breaking into stonehenge, losing his house and business, when h...e was low[ i worked with him] he couldn't function, and when high doing bizarre thing and spending money he didn't have, i truly believe the system is so flawed, have another ole friend who got lost in the system and the meds has changed her whole being, and don't believe was right for he rSee more
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  • Cess Ssec
    Really. Mandy Z Zara? You actually believe it's better than than nothing? Why don't you watch this clip I just posted a few minutes ago from my Youtube channel to accompany this article and tell me if you still feel the same way after you f...inished viewing it...
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  • Mandy Z Zara
    ok ill watch, as i said can only speak from my own personal experience with people i have known throughout the years and seen the off on,and yes my other ole time friend, iv seen from 18 where i met her when i was in hoistaple when i attem...pted suicide and seen her deteriorate with the meds, that i fortunately was given a choice and had a good team who got it right, then was moved to another team who wanted me on meds that i disagreed and got independent help, and thankful that was in a position to choose and move away from the system as my friends didn't or couldent, just to say there is many side to a debate many different experiences, and the present model does not fit as governed by money that can influence drs in a position of trustSee more
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  • Dana Lawhon To all who really want to see the truth watch the documentary "The Marketing Of Madness" I don't expect anybody to take my word for anything just watch the movie and listen to what the experts have to say about this subject.
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  • Dennis Radu this has bin going on way before any of us were ever born.
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  • Dana Lawhon exactly but I so often get called a liar so I just give people the facts and let them read them for themselves that is why I wrote the message to Mandy and others the way that I did.
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  • Chris J. Slater Thanks Dana Lawhorn for pointing the way to the the truth. I highly recommend watching the documentary "The Marketing Of Madness". Too often we let "wolves with their sheepskins" rule our lives. Screw these x- spurts. They know more and more about less and less! Paxil, Zoloft, Prozac, Effexxor, group, psychiatrists, psychologists...they are ALL the same! Seeking worldly answers and income. Its all about the money. Forget it, look to your Creator for truthful answers.

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