Saturday, July 11, 2015


Have I wronged YOU? Please call me to REPENT! BUT DO NOT DIE IN A BAPTIST LIE!

Family, Friends, Followers, Brothers, Sisters and the world;

As my spiritual godparents and teachers, Dr. Rodney (Former Canadian Pres., FGBMFI)  and Mrs. Cathy Lindsey of Nanaimo, B.C. had the good sense to say to me when I excitedly attended Bible Study at their home clutching and believing the book: YE MUST BE BORN AGAIN by Dr. Rice,

Do you want to be DEAD in a Baptist PEW!?
I pray I can pass this VITAL information to the lady below, you and SAVE YOUR ETERNAL LIFE!.
A Baptist Sister (BS) said: Perhaps you should preach the word to those that you dislike and who have wronged you. By doing so you may find it in your heart to forgive them and wouldn't have the need to battle with them.
Apostle Chris (AC) said: Where did that come from?
BS: I'm just saying that if you preach to those who need it then perhaps you will see that forgiveness is a 2 way street as well. You appear to have much anger towards some people and perhaps by sharing the word with them it will help you to not have so much anger towards those you feel gave hurt you. I am not angry at all. I am however observant and don't like seeing others struggle with anger and resentment. My request at the beginning was about not adding me to groups without permission. Showing respect was also requested.
Have a games day! I hope you find resolutions to the battles you face with regards to you feeling wronged as a dad.....cop. ...your teeth...maximus. ..and any other person or Co. That you feel has wronged. It's a lot to carry Chris....I hope..Truly. ..that you find the answers you are seeking
A few seconds ago
AC:  I believe you are wrong, I have found the answers in God's Word, but am concerned about you, but most importantly so is God. Have I wronged you? If yes please tell me how. If not then you obviously have no respect for me personally and my appointment NOT from a Church or Religion but from God. So what is speaking, gossip or you personally? Do you believe religious Baptist foolishness like, "Once saved always saved (forgiven)?" Sin is disobedience to God's Ten Commandments, not what some person says it is. The only way to forgiveness is to ask God for His forgiveness in the Name of His Son, Jesus Christ and then ASK the Holy Spirit in. 
Do you wish to know the Truth for yourself or believe what was taught you? Here is Jesus teaching Nicodemus, properly translated from the Companion Bible and Strong's Concordance. Please see for yourself! It is NOT about being "Born Again" Please see John 3:1-21 AND read the explanations.
How is it possible to know the TRUTH about Bible scripture? Simply pray (ask) God for understanding and discernment. Give yourself a gift of The King James Authorized Version, (KJV) COMPANION BIBLE with its 198 Appendixes either imprint or online as above. 
This is by far the best Bible I know of. It's in the public domain, therefore not copyrighted or containing false doctrines of any denomination. I was a seeker after God's truth for over 40 years and was misled by so many worldly denominations that I cried out to God for His perfect truth. Prayer to God never goes unanswered! 
Now that you and I know about the COMPANION BIBLE, you will also need a STRONG'S CONCORDANCE to the KJV Authorized Version which is what the Companion Bible is. You need these two study aids to correctly translate and transliterate the Hebrew language and customs of the Old Testament and Greek of the New Testament to English.. 
Now you have all YOU need to discover the Truth of God's Word for yourself. 
To know Truth you need to meet God the Father, Son (Jesus Christ) and Holy Spirit. How? Call on Him, aloud or in your mind, "Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me a sinner." If you prayed that or not, please come to YOUR ETERNAL LIFE (online at Facebook and Blogger) to learn once again how to pass from eternal death to eternal life (your salvation) and share what He has so freely given you.
 One thing you lack; pray (ask) God to send the Holy Spirit for your spiritual wisdom, understanding, discernment and gifts. Now come to SABBATH NIGHT BIBLE STUDIES (online on Facebook and Blogger) and join with fellow seekers and believers who know and use the COMPANION BIBLE and STRONG'S CONCORDANCE so we are all on the same PAGE of this, our Creator’s Love Letter to us, His people, The Bible. And please share your journey to strengthen and support fellow believers as I have done in obedience to God.  And may God Bless us with His wisdom to help His people, in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen? (I Agree)


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