Hello sir, most excellent Paul.

Have you yet heard back from Senator Gillibrand, Senator Schummer, President Obama, Governor Cuomo, Secretary Of State Clinton, the City of Batavia, NY Police, Judges and attorneys as well as other government officials in Genesee and Wyoming County NY. Jennie Basal Waldmiller who lives in Batavia, NY, your children, Judges Noonan and Bannister in Genesee County NY, the FBI and Justice Department, "Vanesa" or those 4 US Marines accused of raping her?

I didn't think so, but I'm curious to know, what has the Holy Spirit told you about this situation? Or in getting "born again" did you forget this part of what Jesus has said about those who will be saved? (Not Born Again,  but 1. BEGOTTEN of God, the Father and 2. filled with the Holy Spiriit.)

You also have said, "If you want Chris, I will educate you more about the evils of CPS, Family Courts and yes, Filipina Migration Scammer. I have many frinds who would love to teach you as well."

Well Paul, I thought to check up on why we are friends, and this is what I found; "You and Pastor Paul: Friends - American Fathers Liberation Army, Legally Kidnapped, Patricia Lessard, Canada Fathers, David Inguanzo, Stephen Baskerville, Christine Backmund. In all, 39 mutual friends.

As to GLOBAL Focus we're both on Mens Banquet & Mens Christian Taken Into Custody." That is why I asked to be your friend and I'm assuming that is why you accepted.

For the record sir, I was raised Church of England until 5, then Anglican in Canada, but at 17 walked from that religion. Since then I was a seeker, until in 1995 at the age of 46, beaten down by my two  ex-wives (first a Canadian, 25 years then a Filipina for 2 years), I decided to end it all. I used to believe that peole were good and wanted to do good, I didn't understand how evil we are in this world.

Truck running in closed garage, I remembered a witness by two former mortgage lender aquaintances who after getting me the money I needed for my businesses and rental properties, would say, "Before you leave Chris, can we pray about what use you'll put this money to?" What a couple of weirdo's? But they got me the money at the best interest rate, so why not humour them?

So they would pray, I would listen and remember to Amen at the right time and then go use the cheques. I was a good businessman, doing good things for people. I didn't need any religion, but now with my escape plan, CO (carbon monoxide) in place, I remembered them saying, "If ever you are in a place that you have no hope, why not try Jesus?" So I did. No great prayer, just a simple heart felt request, "If you're for real Jesus, help me now!" No great revelation, just a sense of peace. I shut off the engine, went to bed wondering what was going to happen next... That is how religion found me again!

I wanted to find more of Jesus, but instead I found more religion as practiced by so called "Christians" in the Churches of Rome, Pentecostals, Baptists, Full Gospel, Seventh Day Adventists, United, Four Square, Mormons, Jehovah Witnesses, etc. , etc.

And corruption in high places, people who have no idea of what "In God we trust" means. Which God,
which Bible translation is the Word of God? I realized to them " In God we trust" is a preamble to the rest, "All others pay CASH" That is their real god, because <span>it's all about the MONEY</span>!

Yes sir, (as my Ex-Filipina wives would say, with a smile, all the time thinking abut how they would like to cut out my heart and stomp on it). I thank God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit for my salvation, education and  for allowing me to know Him and His ways, to His glory, not that I should boast. Yes I have come to a perfect understanding of what is going on here. Thank you Jesus for showing me the Way.

To be a Christian is to live in Christ, just like some one living in California is a Californian, an American living in US, a Canadian living in Canada or a Filipino or Filipina living in the Philippines. How to be a true follower of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit? Submit to His authority (will), to truly learn and believe we can only trust in God and do all that we do to His glory. Nothing else will do.

You also have said before, "If you want Chris, I will educate you more about the evils of CPS, Family Courts and yes, Filipina Migration Scammer. I have many frinds who would love to teach you as well." Well, sir,  I have been taught by the "best". They will say and do anything to get and maintain their control. Extortion, fraud, theft, abduction, kidnapping, forgery, false witness, prejury, death threats, false accusations of rape, assault and attempted murder, court mandated loss of my children to CPS, womyns shelters, and FMEP (Maxima Inc.- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maximus_Inc.)

All  this in the name of The Corporation - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xa3wyaEe9vE.

These are people who want power and money without having any personal responsibility for what they do. "Professional Corporations" include the greatest of these psychopathic crooks - lawyers, judges, privatizing politicians. etc.

Eighteen years I've lived in Refiner's Fire, I pray He keeps me in this untill He decides to take me home