Sunday, May 8, 2011

Χριστός (Khristós) - Hebrew מָשִׁיחַ - Māšîaḥ and Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Canada

There are only two types of people in this world. Those who believe in God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and those who do not. (Period) We who believe in Jesus as our Christ (the English term for the Greek Χριστός (Khristós) meaning "the anointed one". It is a translation of the Hebrew מָשִׁיחַ - Māšîaḥ transliterated to English as Messiah) - have come to that knowledge as a result of living our own lives, not by studying or living some worldly religion which is man's attempt to explain a god or gods. God has NO GRANDCHILDREN. It is YOUR personal decision. We believe this world is a place of testing; will we submit to Jesus Christ as Lord and Master or not. Those who submit are promised eternal soul life, receive spiritual gifts, those who don't missed what the purpose of this life is - that God created this world, that people are destroying it, and that one day soon He will put it right again. In the meantime we are called to be the best stewards of His world that we can be. God gave His people, the Hebrews, Ten Commandments by which to live, Jesus refined it to: Love God, Love one another. I believe Prime Minister Stephen Harper of Canada knows and follows that God, that his concern is about his eternal life and he is doing the best he can to ensure Canada's future, I pray; so help him God.

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