Saturday, March 19, 2011

No Worldly Good? To be in the world but not a part of its evil...

Saturday, March 19, 2011 - "DISASTER DAY NINE"  Click on live links for more info...

Today, Sister-in-Christ and wife Annamie told me she was going to Ladysmith to her chiropractor and to study at the library to keep up with her 4th year Psychology classes at VIU (Vancouver Island University, Nanaimo, BC, Canada) who are on strike now for "job security".

I, Chris J. Slater, was up online until 04:45 PDST , monitoring, ministering and praying for the needs of peoples around the world. This morning Annamie was in a big rush, busy frying her "factory" chicken eggs outside of our 5th wheel RV 21' home in her "dirty kitchen", using the electric 2 ring hot plate as I long ago got rid of the inside propane stove, heater, refrigerator,  propane tanks and lines due to the fire hazard.  I have some left over raw, soaked and steamed Kombu ( a seaveggie) and asked her to fry and try. She was also cooking her white rice in her rice cooker. I have been involved to vegetarian, macrobiotic and raw foods for many years. Annamie is very much involved with traditional Filipino foods and cooking. Although I know it's not good for me, I love Annamie, and her cooking is part of that. When I flew to Calgary in 2008 and Annamie flew here, and at our marriage and during our honeymoon, we knew there would be "adjustments".

As Annamie was eating at her computer station I did our daily family Bible study. First, I flipped the calender  Journey of Hope,  Day Brightener that daughter Cathy and Rob gave me for Christmas in 2002. March 19 says, "Every day holds the possibility of a miracle." I like that because miracles are from God and the world needs on now!

Next I read in the printed Daily Bread for today, March 19, 2011. (Annamie gets us copies from her church, Ladysmith Community Church). It was excellent and called, "Suit Up".

I asked her, as long as you're going there, please check to see if our potassium iodide SUPPLEMENTS came in to the health food store and see what macrobiotic foods there are. (brown rice, sea veggies, miso, etc.)

On Facebook Chat:

Report · 11:24 PDST  Mel Pascua
Hello Mr. Slater. How are you guys doing.
Report · 11:25
Hi Mel, with the help of God, good. and you?
Report · 11:26
Very good my brother. Going back to work 2-morrow AM shift.
Just to let u-know; we will have prayers and bible study here at home today starting at 4:30 PM. If you guys want to come over you are very much welcome.
Report · 11:30
Thank you and God bless...
Report · 11:30
You're welcome; God bless you all too.
Report · 11:35
Report · 11:35
Bye, my brother and SHALOM!
Report · 11:36
Report · 11:36
Ha-le-lu jah to JESUS.
Report · 11:38
What have you prepared for in these end times? Please see GrownFoods, discussions for some "worldly" considerations.
Report · 11:40
Preparing ourselves to meet the Lord should he come at anytime; also knowing who we are in him and our identity as his Ambassadors.
Report · 11:43
I want to stick to the Bible; success in life is having JESUS and putting him first above anything else: Matthew6:33  Okay brother Chris; I must to go now; nice chatting with you brother. Keep the faith in JESUS.
Report · 11:47
My mother used to say, "Some Christians are so heavenly obsessed, they are of no worldly good." My son, daughter-in-law, other family are in Nagoya. Please pray for them today and many others. As long as we are in this world, Lets pray for the harvest and take it now as people seek HOPE in these turbulent times. Would you mind if I posted this as our witness?
Report · 12:10
Of course brother; You can post it. The Good News must to be shared. God is shaking the nations; and JESUS is our only "hope" and salvation. We as "born again" believers must must continue to witness for him in this end time days
Report · 12:28
Amen and thank you, many are falling, turning to the world today. I praise God for giving me this online outreach. (send as a message)
Your chat message wasn't sent because Mel is offline.
12:45 PDST Watching CTV News. Aftershock in Japan, tsunami fear, radioactivity  and radioactive Cesium are found in Japanese milk, spinach
13:00 PDST Canadian Prime Minister Harper is on TV - "CANADA IS AT WAR", Hilary Clinton is speaking under banner, "U.S. Supports Intl. War in Libya." This is in support of U.N. Resolution 1973. 
13:05 PDST Gadhafi sends threats to U.N.
13:12 PDST California is getting "ready for radiation." Warnings about ONLINE, potassium iodide "SUPPLEMENT" scams. Oh yeah, still wanting to deny us access to natural or herbal supplements? I thank God I can and do depend on Him.

Annamie is on FB Chat

Report · 13:32
you sleeping??
Report · 13:35
Sorry, I was looking at your posts and preparing to respond, Harper is on TV, Canada is at war.
Report · 13:35 Wow... at war with whom??  Qaddafi?? I miss you, hon You sleeping again?? Hon?? Hello??
Report · 13:37
Gadhafi regime. US cruise missiles, French fighter jets, etc. I love U, 2. But we must do as we feel called. Radioactivity is becoming a real concern. Milk...I'm working on today's missive, Brother Mel invites us for BS at 4:30, is part of what I'm posting today.
Report · 13:43
are you wanting to go for BS with them? Sorry but I forgot to bring my cellphone with me... I think I left it on my desk...
Report · 13:43 (Reading)
Oh, I see you're reaching out! Go babe, go! 
Report · 13:43
Or on my side of the bed... Reaching out?? :-)
Report · 13:44
I would like to, if okay with you? You can call me on land line...
Report · 13:45
What time does the BS start? Do we go for SA dinner at 4:30? Then go for BS at 6pm.. What's your plan?
Report · 13:47
Have you checked the health food store? I guess they are meeting at 4:30 to eat. We'll take some macrobiotic foods? Brown rice, seaveggies, miso, hokkaido pumpkin...etc.
Report · 13:49
I dont know what they have...I can come home so u can check what they have here... if you want.
Report · 13:50
preparing for the radiation... Thank God for the pre radioactive fall out foods we've dried and stored... 
Report · 13:50
Report · 13:52
Strong aftershock 100 km from Tokyo, tsunami concerns, NO FOOD SALES in contaminated areas. Power to nuke plant not going well..etc., etc. 
Report · 13:52
do u mind if i stay home so i can work on my midterm...
Report · 13:54
Best you stay there if you need to finish that. But please, get it done, no more postings, here? Okay to use this in my daily post? As a witness?
Report · 13:56
Report · 14:00
Come home, but I will be working, the TV on, how is the strike going? What are your deadlines? Thanks for your witness to God's grace for believers and how ANYONE can get that TODAY! Just (pray) talk to God the Father in the name of His Son, Jesus Christ and ask for His wisdom from the Holy Spirit. Tonight is Supermoon...a sign? We'll go to M&P at 4:00? 
Report · 14:01
Did kuya Mel phone you for the BS tonight?
Report · 14:03
No, message on FB. He invited, we prayed.
Report · 14:04
Kuya Mel added me to his friendslist too..
Report · 14:05
Just like u and me R doing. Good about Mel. These are trying times indeed. Come Lord Jesus. (send as a message)
Your chat message wasn't sent because Annamie is offline.
C. RU there? Get some sushi from 49th to share? U will be staying home tonight to finish midterm? Can you not spare time for ministry? ? ? ?
RU???  Huh huh Lol

Report · 14:17
Sure I can.... will you answer half of my midterm?? huh?? back is hurtubg again..
hurting, I mean I don't have money to buy sushi..
u only have me 5 bucks.. it went to henny
deadline of my midterm is when classes resumes..
u there?
say something..
Report · 14:19
Yes there are challenges. Would if I could, Love. Yes, I'm here, reading u.
Report · 14:20
classes can resume any day next week...
Report · 14:20
Hmm, call me from Mac?
Report · 14:20
can i do that??
Report · 14:21
We used to do it on PC
Report · 14:21
with skype...
i used to do it too on yahoo
with my headphone and mic
speaking od headphone..
i need one for my mac
and i think i need a mouse too..
cant play bejeweled with the trackpad..
Report · 14:22
Doesn't your Mac have a built in mic and video, we should be able to.
Report · 14:22
its painfully difficult
so everybody at the library can hear us??
i know it has a built in cam and mic
i have not used it yet... dont know how to use it yet...
chatting with you is keeping me busy.. hahaha
u there b??
Report · 14:23
Come, lie down. I'll take care of u? Don't have to... well people talk on their cellphones.
Report · 14:24
i like how it sounds.... made me smile...
Report · 14:24
Report · 14:24
Report · 14:24
Smile awhile and give your face a rest...
Report · 14:24
if i come home, will you lie down with me??
Report · 14:25
And then???
Report · 14:25
you have to answer... whats taking u so long...
Report · 14:25
Report · 14:25
thinking about it?
and then??
Report · 14:26
Report · 14:26
no to what...
Report · 14:27
Yes, my impatient one...No, I don't need to think about you coming home, it was you who left. Come home, forget about anything else.
Report · 14:29
what are we having for dinner??
Report · 14:29
These are the times God has been preparing us for. I want to be with you. "When two or three are gathered in His name, He is here."
Report · 14:29
broccoli on soup?? is that ok with you??
Report · 14:30
We'll begin our water fasting today so as to conserve food? B on S is okay.
Report · 14:30
sounds good to me...
im coming home
Report · 14:31
Report · 14:31
will u lie down with me and rub my back??
Report · 14:31
Will u rub me back?
Report · 14:32
belly or back??
Report · 14:32
Report · 14:32
patotot or puwet??
Report · 14:32
Yes, both
Report · 14:33
just what i thought you would say...
Report · 14:33
Still okay to put this online?
Report · 14:33
i will just pick up some broccoli for dinner then i'll go straight home..
see you in a while
Report · 14:33 stuff! Holy Matrimony!
Report · 14:34
you better be ready when i come home...
Report · 14:34
Hurry home...
Report · 14:34
you know how impatient i am..
Report · 14:34
Report · 14:34
Report · 14:35
Notice our pictures?
Me - me and you. You - you and papa Steven. What's wrong with this? He has hugged and left, I'm sitting here waiting for you... (send as a message)
Your chat message wasn't sent because Annamie is offline.
10:53 Be blessed today. I'm  going outside to look at the moon.

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