Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Right to Life for All

I believe children are a gift from God. 

It takes a man, a woman and God to physically make a child.

If the man, the woman or both simply wanted the momentary, passing pleasure of fornication without responsibility, never intended or don't want to live together now and parent the child they conceived to adulthood, why should that child be deprived of its life?  Or primary relationships?

There are many who truly desire a child to parent to responsible adulthood. Why should anyone lose out on a relationship with this child? God gives us a choice as to whether we want a relationship with Him, why do we as humans want to deny another the same right? It is wrong to deny the child so conceived a life not knowing mother, father or God for our own personal, selfish reasons. 

Without the Ten Commandments (does anyone know them anymore?) to guide us, we are truly a lost people as are our future generations. In the USA, terrorists have killed 3,000 since 1990, but since yesterday over 4,000 people lost their lives to the abortionist. 

I have lost a child to abortion, was told about it by the mother and her husband 6 months after the fact. I have been denied a relationship by two ex-wives to our three children I fathered with them, purely for their own selfishness, foolish reasons and religions. 

The current gender biased, court based system of custody - access needs to be replaced by a presumption of shared parenting that respects all parties

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