Wednesday, January 5, 2011


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Dear Rev. George Malkmus
In Response to your recent Health Tip re: Distilled Water.
I recently sent the following to my family:

Dear Ones
For a number of years, but especially now, since coming to know the Lord in 1995 and wanting to know more of His ways I've sought out the Word and Holy Spirit for daily living and inspiration. Rainwater is from God's distiller, and that is what I now seek to duplicate using my Kenmore water distiller. Love, Chris

My point? In all things, look to Him, our Creator and how He would have us live, not the thoughts and manifestations of His creations; people. In the Hydrological Cycle, before becoming so polluted by atmospheric contaminants, rainwater was ideal and was easily accessible to all, for free. Unfortunately, I now find that rainfall and precipitation is so highly polluted by pollution from manufacturing in Asia; principally China, South Korea, Taiwan and Japan that even when I distill rainwater here on the West coast of North America, it has a peculiar "smoky" odor and taste. My source of water for distilling is now groundwater from a subterranean water source, here in Cassidy, British Columbia, Canada known as the "Cassidy Aquifer".

Do not be deceived. God wants us to "Live long and prosper."
Blessings, Chris J. Slater

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